DeSoto County Gets Another Top Ranking

DeSoto County has consistently ranked high in most rankings as far as quality of life, health and education are concerned and now the state’s fastest-growing county can add another feather in its cap. According to DeSoto County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard, DeSoto County ranks third in the state for one of the top “paycheck friendliest counties in the United States.” Lynchard said the designation means that in addition to an overall high quality of life, residents of DeSoto County can get the best “bang for their buck” due to income, purchasing power and the county’s relatively low unemployment rate. “Your dollars stretch,” Lynchard said of the study which was conducted by According to the criteria of the study, the data firm performed an analysis which included “semi-monthly paychecks of residents, relative purchasing power, unemployment rate and income growth.” DeSoto County ranked third behind Madison and Rankin counties in south central Mississippi.